Five Reasons to Buy a Used Vehicle in Gilbert, AZ

December 7th, 2017 by

The first decision to make when shopping for a vehicle is whether you want a new or pre-owned model. While some drivers prefer new vehicles, used cars are a smart choice for many buyers, offering substantial savings without necessarily sacrificing reliability or features. Here are five reasons you might want to consider going used for your next vehicle purchase.

Great Value for the Money

Because used cars are less expensive than their new counterparts, purchasing a pre-owned is usually a good choice if you are on a budget. This route also allows you to step up to a bigger, more luxurious, or more feature-laden vehicle than you could otherwise afford. New cars are subject to sales tax that sometimes totals thousands of dollars; this tax is not charged on a used car. Registration fees are also much cheaper for a used car. The most cost-effective car-buying strategy is to purchase a two- to three-year-old vehicle and drive it until the end of its life.

Lower Rate of Depreciation

New cars lose value as soon as you drive them off the lot — up to 54 percent, according to Consumer Reports. Car and Driver notes that up to 30 percent of a car’s value is lost in the first year. In contrast, the value of your used car will decline more slowly, which is a boon if you ever decide to trade up.

Lower Insurance Rates

Your insurance premium will likely be less costly for a used vehicle than a new model, though it varies depending on the specific car. Get a quote on the models you’re interested in to avoid a costly surprise.

Good Reliability

Modern vehicles are built to last much longer than their ancestors. In fact, research from IHS vehicles indicates that the average car on the road in the United States is 12 years old. If you choose a great used car, you could be driving it and reaping the cost savings for years to come. When properly maintained, a modern car should remain in good working condition for a minimum of 15,000 miles.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Programs

High-quality used vehicles are carefully inspected and restored to the manufacturer’s standards by factory-trained technicians. Vehicles in these programs are typically former leases and often come with generous warranties. Even if a used car isn’t part of a certified pre-owned program, many manufacturers offer extended warranties on their pre-owned models. In addition, you can order a vehicle history report before purchasing a car to learn more about its likelihood of having problems in the future.

When you’re ready to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, trust Go Imports in the Gilbert area. We have an extensive inventory of high-quality used cars, including Carfax one-owner certified vehicles and vehicles starting under $15,000. Financing programs are available for buyers at all credit levels, including car loans designed to rebuild credit, with competitive rates and fast approval. All our vehicles come with a 12-month/12,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and can be returned within seven days if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

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