Why You Should Buy a Used Luxury Car in Gilbert, AZ

March 22nd, 2018 by

When buying a luxury car is on the agenda, there are plenty of choices available to turn your dream into a reality. One thing to consider are the advantages of buying a used luxury car versus a new one. Besides a difference in price, there are several other benefits to consider.

Influx of New Cars

If you’re in the market for a new luxury car but shying away from the new car sticker price, consider year-end sales. As the new models make their way to the dealerships, the remaining inventory is getting another year older. Prices on both new models from the previous year and used cars often decrease at this time of year.

Your Money’s Worth

It stands to reason that buying a used luxury car means getting more for your money than buying a standard economy car. While the price of a used BMW or Mercedes, for example, may be the same as a new sedan from one of the major manufacturers, you’re paying for luxurious style and comfort, exceptional performance, and the many bells and whistles of technology and entertainment of a luxury car that aren’t going to be present in a new economy car.

Another point is a new car, on average, depreciates in value an estimated 50 percent over the first four years. A used luxury car is most likely going to depreciate less in that four-year period.

Certified Pre-Owned Option

Purchasing a used luxury car that is certified pre-owned (CPO) provides some peace of mind because cars with this designation have been inspected from top to bottom to ensure they are in excellent running order. The CPO program is available at most companies and offered on select models, which includes used luxury cars.

Extended Warranties

If an extended warranty is available on the used luxury car you’ve chosen, it is another form of insurance if it covers the potential maintenance problems the car may encounter. If the warranty is limited and doesn’t cover the problems the model may be prone to encounter, then it is not going to offer much help. But with a thorough warranty, the used luxury car is worth the investment.

Domestic vs European

Both come with advantages but if you have a concern about the cost of maintaining a used luxury car, a domestic model will most likely save you money vs a European model. Two reasons are the cost of replacement parts is less expensive and a certified mechanic can usually take care of maintenance on a domestic luxury model.

Safety and Convenience Features

Safety is important in any car. The difference is a used luxury car is going to be outfitted with an assortment of safety features that you won’t find in a new economy car.

Convenience features such as GPS navigation and Bluetooth technology have been part of the luxury car package for many years. This means that newer features, such as smart windshield wipers, soft-close doors, and power-operated trunk lids, will be available on used luxury cars.

Make a statement about individual style by choosing a quality used luxury car to support an exceptional driving experience.

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